How It Works

Scan your business for errors

Use our scan tool to see where you are listed, where you aren't listed, and any inconsistencies or errors. These errors lower your search engine rankings and prevent you from staying on top of the competition.

Sign up and appear everywhere

We syndicate your profile to websites, directories and apps that appear at the top of Google search results for your speciality and location. Change any of your details across the web in one click from your dashboard.

Be seen where it matters and capture more business

Stand out from the competition, get 248% more clicks on average from enhanced listings, and get more leads by appearing on dozens of sites specific to your specialty and location.

Why This Matters

Did you know?

Get 248% more clicks

We buy enhanced premium listings on your behalf at no extra charge and use those listings to add rich information about you. This has been shown to get 248% more clicks on average.

Improve your search engine rankings

Take control of how you're listed across the web to drastically improve your SEO

We're Health & Wellness Focused

ReferBright is the only listings and marketing solution designed for health and wellness

What you get ReferBright Locu Signpost SinglePlatform
Optimized lead gen for health practitioners
Submission to multiple directories and sites
Update all your listings from one place
Zero spam, just new clients and opportunities
Specific sites for your specialty
Specific sites for your location
Mobile-friendly profile
Credentialing help for your profession
Screening for inclusion in referral directories

The ReferBright Advantage

Growth on the Channels that Truly Matter for Your Business

You grow your business significantly when people can find and connect with you online, yet 40% of local business information is incorrect. Most listings also don’t give prospects confidence about you or endorse your credentials. Establishing a professional online presence that’s consistent and trustworthy is essential for health practitioners.

Other listing/marketing services sell to small business generically. They don’t do due diligence on the specific channels that matter or perform well for health care and the professions within it. ReferBright was built for health practitioners by health practitioners, and we focus solely on health specialties like physical therapy, nutrition, yoga, chiropractic, massage, obstetrics, plastic surgery and more.

ReferBright has over 75+ sites reaching 300M users in our health specific local network and it’s our job to get you on the right sites for your specialty and location. We purchase enhanced listings for you on the sites and search engines that matter the most for your specialty and location. Enhanced listings have content like bios, services lists, and photos, resulting in 248% more clickthroughs.

More Time to Do What You Love

Health coaches and massage therapists experiment heavily with pricing in their first few years of business. Doctors change locations and start accepting (or stop taking) types of insurance many times throughout their career.

Before, the onus was on you to make sure these changes were accurately reflected online, but through the ReferBright dashboard, you get guaranteed accuracy across your web presence since when you update with us, we update your information everywhere.

This means more time to do what you do best: help people improve their health.

One-Click Registration and Credentialing

If you’re an independent health practitioner, our goal is to help you qualify for referrals from the clinicians and business in our network. We’ll walk you through the steps you need to take, verify your information, and let you register with the associations necessary for your profession with just one-click on our dashboard.

We even remind you when your credentials or insurance is expiring, so you can be sure you’re in the clear at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of health practitioners should use ReferBright?

If you’re in the business of helping other people improve their wellbeing, ReferBright is for you. Everyone from massage therapists to MDs benefits by using ReferBright to enhance and monitor their digital presence. This is because we’ve indexed the sites that matter for health specialties and medical specialties, and enhance this database daily. We work with occupational therapists, fitness trainers, social workers, plastic surgeons nutritionists, diabetes educators, physical therapists, holistic health coaches, yoga teachers and more. For the full list, check out [who we help].

I’m having issues with my account and need help.

Email and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.


If you’ve signed up for the platinum plan, we guarantee 5 new clients a month or your next month is free. This plan requires quarterly payments (a three-month commitment up front). This is because we create mobile ads, handle email marketing to people who engage with your ad, and design the ads for you, upfront.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel anytime and have access until the end of your current pay period. Note that it will likely take up to six months for search engines to crawl and re-index all your listings, so you shouldn’t expect results within just a month or two.

Can’t I just get my profiles submitted and then cancel? Why should I renew?

If there were a one-time, one-fix solution for directory listings, we’d gladly offer ReferBright as a pay-once service. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even if we (or you) were to claim and update all your listings manually, the manual claim is just one of many data sources search engines take into consideration when displaying information about you. Manual claims don’t guarantee accuracy, and they have to be redone every three-months. ReferBright actually connects into the backend database of these sites through partnerships we’ve established and fees we pay on your behalf. This guarantees accuracy, automatically makes your health business/profile appear “verified,” and gets you a stand-out profile with enhanced content (extra photos, promotional message, links to your site, and more). If you cancel, this backend connection we’ve established and any enhanced content, ceases to exist. Your listings will still be yours to claim manually.

If you want to truly control how your data appears on the Internet and reap the SEO/SEM benefits that come with this, you need an always-on solution like ReferBright.

What happens when I cancel?

If you cancel, ReferBright’s connection to the backend databases of these sites will end and you’ll have the option of claiming each of them manually. Any enhanced content as well as your promotional link (which isn’t available via manual listings) that we purchased on your behalf will no longer be visible. What you’ll be able to add back in manually and whether it’s free or paid will vary greatly from site to site.

Questions? Contact us at 650-227-4942 or


I love the surprise of getting new clients from the services ReferBright placed me on. I now receive requests from new clients multiple times a week through an app.

Diane P. Fitness teacher & life coach

ReferBright promotes us all over the web. I love knowing all my listings are consistent and represent our current offer. I’m seeing the increased traffic and sign-ups on our website.

Frank O. Personal trainer